Saturday, March 30, 2024

How do grid-tied solar systems work?

Grid-tied solar systems - also known as on-grid solar - are the most popular kind of solar panel system in America. Here's how they work for a typical home. The beauty of a
grid-tied solar system is that it creates a two-way relationship between your home and the grid. In addition to importing power from the grid (as you already do), you can also export power to it. This means that during the day - when your solar panels are producing plenty of surplus power - you can actually export (i.e. sell) power to the grid. Your power exports earn you bill credits from the utility, dramatically reducing your power bill. The savings can be huge: you could see electricity usage charges of $0 for the year. Watch the video to see how a grid-tied solar system operates over the course of a day. LEARN MORE Get an estimate: This calculator shows you how much solar panels for your home will cost, as well as how much money you stand to save: Read about net metering: This is the amazing incentive that allows you to sell electricity at the same rate you buy it for:

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